A “Super Tuiscan” wine

Lunarius Maremma Toscana DOC Rosso

“That mysterious law, which causes certain normal processes, such as gestation, as well as the maturation and duration of various diseases, to follow lunar periods”, C. Darwin.

LUNARIUS Super Tuscany Wine

Designation; TOSCANA IGT Red Wine

Production zone: Scansano – Tuscan Maremma

Grape variety: Merlot sangiovese Ciliegiolo

Harvesting year: 2019

Alcohol content: 13,50 %

PRODUCTION AREA: Gentle hills exposed to the Grecale and Maestrale winds

Vineyard elevation: 270 m a.s.l.

Soil type: sandstone with high percentage of gravel


Grown organically without the use of pesticides, the grapes are treated when necessary with limited quantities of copper and sulphur and fed with organic substances, earthworm humus and green manure.

Age of the vineyard: 22 years old

Planting density: 4,700 plants/HA

Yield per Ha: 80 QL/HA

Vine training method: Capovolto Toscano

Picking time: Early September Merlot and Ciliegiolo. Late September Sangiovese.

Picking method: the grapes are always hand-picked, very early in the morning when it is still dark and the grapes are still cool from the night, which is the perfect temperature for picking.

WINEMAKING METHOD: Spontaneous fermentation (without the addition of selected yeasts) at a controlled temperature of 27 °. Subsequent maceration during which frequent pumping over and punching down are carried out in order to increase the extraction of aromas. At the end of fermentation, the wine remains in contact with the skins for about 6 weeks. The wine is drawn off with a very soft pressing of the marc. The wine is then subjected to decanting to eliminate the heavier lees and partly transferred to oak barriques for about 9 months.

DESCRIPTION: At the sight of an intense red color with copper reflections

On the nose The olfactory profile is fascinating, with floral aromas, red fruit, spices, cocoa.

In the mouth a captivating entry with sweet but lively tannins integrated by a beautiful structure and supported by a good acidic shoulder. Ample and decisive wine, with tertiary aromas, which over time take over the fruity notes, giving an organoleptic profile of great complexity. The tannic texture is well integrated and the degree of acidity very balanced.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Thanks to the presence of spicy notes ranging from coffee to cedar, Lunarius presents itself as a deep and solid wine, which is proposed to the palate in a balanced and never angular way. This allows it to be paired with a large variety of foods.

With its not excessive tannic texture and by virtue of its low acidity, it is perfect alongside meats, in particular alongside chicken, rabbit, turkey and lightly flavored red meats. It can also be used to accompany first courses with meat-based sauces and medium-aged cheeses. On the other hand, it is not recommended to combine them with overly spicy dishes or with fish, since the flavor of these dishes would cover their aromaticity.

Lunarius Maremma Toscana DOC Rosso

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