Lunarius Maremma Toscana DOC Rosso

|Lunarius Maremma Toscana DOC Rosso
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Un Syrah da “meditazione”

Lunarius Maremma Toscana DOC Rosso
Lunarius Maremma Toscana DOC Rosso
Lunarius Maremma Toscana DOC Rosso
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“that mysterious law, which causes certain normal processes, such as gestation, as well as the maturation and duration of various diseases, to follow lunar periods”, Darwin.

Tradizione, credenza popolare o semplici consuetudini? Qualsiasi sia la ragione, l’abitudine dei contadini di seguire le fasi lunari per organizzare i raccolti, le semine e le diverse attività agricole in campagna si è consolidata nei secoli e spesso una maggiore attenzione al calendario lunare diventa un sostituto del ricorso a fertilizzanti e sostanze chimiche per avere raccolti più generosi.

Production zone: Scansano – Maremma Toscana;
Uva: 85% Syrah – 15% Sangiovese;
Available vintage: vendemmia 2016 – bottiglie prodotte 1.300;
Alcohol by volume: 14 %;
Total sulphur: 40 mg/l;
Total polyphenols: 3000 mg/l;

Vineyard elevation: 270 m a.s.l.;
Soil type: volcanic with high percentage of gravel;

Age of the vineyard: 17 years;
Planting density: 4.500 plants/HA;
Yield per Ha: 60 QL/HA;
Vine training method: Cordon spur pruning;

Harvesting period: second half of September with close attention paid to ripening curves;
Picking method: grapes hand-picked with careful bunch selection;

Vinification: Stripped and gently pressed. Spontaneous fermentation (no added yeasts). Ageing in French oak barriques for 9 months and then in the bottle for 6 months prior to release for sale.

Tasting notes: a red wine of enveloping softness, a marriage between local characteristics and the unique features of an international grape variety made in the Tuscan style. Powerful and, at the same time, naturally pleasant tasting. An attractive aroma profile with red fruit, spices and cocoa and Syrah’s characteristic black pepper nuances. Soft tannins, lovely balanced acidity. A generous, complex wine with tertiary aromas which, over time, take over from the fruity notes.

Food pairing: The ideal choice for those wanting to try a typical wine from the local terroir. It is at its best with full-flavoured dishes but can also be enjoyed on its own. A ‘contemplative’ wine. We recommend you open the bottle at least an hour before drinking and serve in a medium-to-large size balloon or wide bowl glass to enable the wine to breathe.

Serving temperature: 18° / 20°;
Wine glass type: un calice balloon dalla coppa grande e rotondeggiante, profumi e gusti ne gioveranno.

Lunarius Maremma Toscana DOC Rosso

In terms of weather conditions, the year was marked by very little rainfall and rather high temperatures; such weather had not occurred in many years. In the management of the vineyard, we at Poggio la Luna did not perform any defoliation and trimming, in order to protect grapes from excessive solar radiation. The 2017 weather has also encouraged the growth of healthy clusters and allowed us decreasing the amount of plant-health measures to a minimum. In short, 2017 was an “excellent year” certainly from the point of view of quality with healthy grapes and no use of chemicals in the cellar, even if the scarcity of rain has made the production very limited: in a few words, the 2017 wine is not abundant, but excellent!