Governo all’uso toscano

Morellino di Scansano DOCG

The “governo” method was used for the first time in 1837 by Baron Ricasoli in Chianti to make wine that is centred on the crispness, pleasantness and liveliness of its fruit. Mario Soldati talks about this method at length in his book Vino al Vino: Obtaining a ‘governed’ wine at harvest time involves taking part of the grapes – the healthiest and finest, ripest Sangiovese – picking the bunches early and leaving them for six weeks on wooden racks in the air to dry out. Once pressed these grapes produce a must which, when added to the wine which has just finished fermenting and has used up all its sugars, triggers a second fermentation which continues until spring.

Production zone: Scansano – Maremma Toscana;
Grape variety: Sangiovese;
Available vintage: 2022;
Alcohol :  14,5%

Vineyard elevation: 270 m a.s.l.;
Soil type: volcanic with high percentage of gravel;

Age of the vineyard: 22 anni;
Planting density: 4.500 piante/HA;
Yield per Ha: 60 QL/HA;
Vine training method: Cordon spur pruning and guyot;

Harvesting period: Mid-September for the first fermentation grapes and early October for those to be used for the second fermentation;
Grape harvest: The grapes are always hand-picked, very early in the morning when it is still dark and the grapes are still cool from the night, which is the perfect temperature for picking;

Vinification: Natural fermentation without selected yeasts. Low-temperature vinification (max 27°C) with 6 days on the skins and decanting once fermentation is complete. In the meantime, the grapes to be used for the second fermentation, the ‘governo’ grapes, are left to dry on wooden racks until they lose around 15% of their weight. After around four weeks of drying, they are destemmed, pressed and added to the already fermented Sangiovese. Fermentation continues until all the sugars are used up and the malolactic fermentation is naturally activated at the end of the first fermentation. Ageing in stainless-steel on the fine lees for 3 months. Bottle ageing from the April after the harvest onwards;

Tasting notes: Sangiovese Governo Toscano IGT is a bright ruby red coloured wine with immediately intense and intoxicating mixed berry aromas. It then wraps around the palate and reveals a well-balanced flavour, soft tannins and a pleasant acidity;

Tasting notes: Try it with an excellent Florentine steak, letting the spicy notes, which really bring out its flavours, wash over you. It is excellent with game-based main dishes: try the ‘governo’ with Maremma wild boar or pheasant with mushrooms. For pasta dishes, an egg pasta with a ragout sauce is excellent with Vin della Luna but so is a rustic pasta and beans which will leave you with a pleasant contrast between the sweetness of the beans and the mild acidity of this excellent red wine;

Serving temperature: 18°C / 20°C;
Best glass to use: A large round balloon glass will bring out its aromas and flavours.

Morellino di Scansano DOCG